Why is ASEA So Good In Marketing

A young company celebrates its eighth birthday this year. It was launched in 2010 and became a global leader in providing top quality cellular health products. You have probably heard of it. If not, you surely will. Meet ASEA – a company that operates in 26 international markets. Let’s find out more about this establishment and its successful marketing around the globe.


ASEA does not provide the usual set of beauty product, but the ones that can help the users to achieve rejuvenation and healing (a sea means from the sea, which is a symbol for rebirth). Although their first product “ASEA Redox Supplement” was set on the market in 2010, what came next was more important.

In 2014, a product called RENU 28 was the star of the show (and still is). This simple-appliance gel should provide therapy for the entire body by working from the outside in.

ASEA and RENU 28 Marketing

Besides quality, the key to the success of this and any other company is a good marketing. However, it is very hard to stand out nowadays, with so many competition and innovative ideas on the daily level. So how is ASEA doing such a good job in marketing their products on the internet?

Scientific support – ASEA’s products are based on improving and strengthening cellular communication, which is the basic precondition for the body to function properly. ASEA proudly states there are three research papers that support their efforts – Safety and Classification of the ASEA Redox Supplement, Scientific Validation of ASEA Redox Supplement and Scientific Validation of ASEA RENU Advanced Skin Care.

• ASEA presents specific pieces of evidence and statistic that support their promises. According to ASEA’s official website, the use of RENU 28 for 28 days made the following effect on test subjects: eye wrinkle depth reduced by 21%, facial texture improved by 22%, skin elasticity increased by 20%, etc. In consumers, these data seem to be very persuasive. Nobody can contradict numbers unless performing their own research.

• Today everything is about getting what we need as soon as possible. People at ASEA recognize this and emphasize how fast the effects of the use of their products will be noticeable.

Before and after pictures – after typing ASEA in the internet search engine, interested parties will be overwhelmed by many before and after pictures that clearly show the beneficial effect of ASEA’s products. You just can’t be indifferent to such proofs.

Special pricing – promotions and special offers are always a good marketing move to attract more customers. Especially when there are no strings attached, nor mandatory monthly subscriptions.

Social networks – ASEA uses all of the major social networks to show its products like Renu 28 – Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. Their products are described and presented via these platforms so that everything this company does seems to be transparent and trustworthy.

• ASEA also uses the internet to call its customers to participate in various conventions, conferences, base camps, etc. This way the company builds a deeper relationship with the customers and increases the number of faithful clients.

Although marketing is very important, quality speaks for itself. This company seems to have both.

Why is ASEA – RENU 28 So Good In Marketing